Word o’ the Week – Vitiate

Word of the Week

Months of enforced sobriety had completely vitiated my alcohol tolerance. I wobbled drunkenly; contemplating my car keys.

Vitiate; verb; to impair the quality of; make faulty; spoil OR to impair or weaken the effectiveness of.

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Word o’ the Week – Spherule

Word of the Week

The spherule, upon exiting the host, left pain and devastation in its wake.

Spherule; noun; a small sphere or spherical body.

Spherule is this weeks word because even tiny things can cause real damage.
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Word o’ the Week – Ship

Word of the Week

I’m coming out today; I totally ship Iron Man/Captain America.

Shipslang noun; a romantic relationship between fictional characters or famous people, whether or not the romance actually exists, as in fan fiction.

“Ship” is this weeks word in celebration of having its newest definition added to the dictionary just today! See their article, with more new words and definitions added on May 6, 2015, here.
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Word O’ the Week – Efflorescence

Word of the Week

The alien larvae were in efflorescence across the wide basin, but all we could see during that first visit was the beauty of what appeared to be millions of bluebells.

efflorescence; noun

1. the state or a period of flowering.

2. an example or result of growth and development.

3. Pathology – a rash or eruption of the skin.

Definition from dictionary.com

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Word o’ the Week – Empirical

Word of the Week


Empirical is an adjective that describes a study or technique that relies upon observation and physical evidence as opposed to theory. It comes from Latin empiricus, “a physician guided by experience.”

The most common use of empirical in writing for the general reader is in the expressions “empirical evidence” and “empirical study.”

It had become empirically evident that most of the people who surrounded her on a daily basis were severely compassion deficient.

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Back to the grind

I’m back to work as of this Monday and its going alright. Feels nice to be productive & even better to feel well enough to consider productivity possible.

My blog has suffered while I’ve been unwell, and I’m sorry (mainly to my #1 supporter L.C.) I’m going to try and work on this more & hopefully attract a few more subscribers. Show me some love in the comments & maybe I’ll feel encouraged!!!

And without further ado here is your Word O’ Today:

Catlings – stringed instruments, referring to the time when strings were made from cat gut.

Not to be confused with Cattins which are felines of an age that is too young to be a cat yet too old to be behaving as badly as they are RIGHT NOW!

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Polling all hyperbolists!

Ricockulous or Ridick?

Your choice?

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The long arm of the law…reaches for pastries!

Today’s word is more of a phrase really…

Make a long arm – to reach far, especially when trying to help oneself to food.
–J. C. Ruppenthal’s Word-list from Kansas, 1916

I made a long arm for the queso.

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Mad Madam!

Today’s Word!

Mim – prudish, prim and discreetly silent, applied to women or contemptously to effeminate men, as in the phrase, “He’s as mim as a maiden.” Distinguished from mum by its primary use as a referance to sex.

My first thought is Mad Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone!

I could never be confused for a mim person!

Readers – give me a sentence using the word mim. Funnier the better!

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Dead Air

We’ve just experienced nearly a month of Dead Air!

I’m so sorry, but with my upcoming nuptials I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other endeavours.

Until I return with something more exciting please ponder this Word O’ the Day.

Nitty – abounding with nits, the eggs of a louse or other small insect.

Skin crawling yet? Mine sure is!

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