Ysabetwordsmith’s Prompt Call

There is an open Call for “Nature” prompts today on Ysabetwordsmith’s blog. She is doing an extra poetry fishbowl today specifically working on short pieces of Nature poetry!
Go leave prompts!!!

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November is National Novel Writing Month, and with it comes the fantastic event known as NaNoWriMo!

I’ve been interested in this phenomenon for several years, but never had the guts to give it a go. With my recent changes in employment, I’m going for it this year!

On November 1st 2011 I must begin my novel and if by 11:59 p.m. on November 30th 2011 I have reached 50,000 words – then I WIN!!! It is that simple. Write 50,000 words in thirty days and you my friend are a novelist.

For more info on how this works and to join the movement visit The Official NaNoWriMo Site.

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Great Conversations

More great conversations happening over at BigAl’s Books & Pals!

Came across this blog on the differentiation of the Romance genre & Chick-Lit.

I openly admit to liking both, but prefer romance with a heavy bent towards the supernatural romance subcategory. More often than not there are great fantasy novels with a love story cleverly woven in.

Check out the discussion & make sure to stick with it until you get to Donna’s comment about romance genre statistics. They were a real eye opener!

The next time I go into the used book store and get the Stink Eye because I purchased a book from the romance section rather than the mystery, sci-fi/fantasy or some other more appropriate section I’ll be prepared to defend my preferences with some hard data!

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Art Contest

OMG!!!! I entered a small contest to design a heraldic device for this book – and I WON!!! When it comes out I’ll have to show everyone I know! LOL

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Imagining the Fantastic

More details coming soon….but save the date and plan to join us in Mount Pleasant, Michigan!

All events (which will include panels, Q&A, book signings, a film screening, readings, and a harp concert) are FREE TO STUDENTS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC

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