In A Mood

When I am writing, I have to be in the mood for a certain genre to hold my interest, and the same is true of reading. When I pick a book up off the shelf and delve into it, it is entirely dependent on my “craving” what genre of book it will be.

To me this phenomenon is exactly like being hungry for a certain cuisine. When you want Chinese food, pizza will not be satisfying. When you are craving the meaty crunch of a taco, fettuccini alfredo just won’t do. When I want a hot steamy eroto-romance with werewolves and BDSM overtones a YA fantasy novel with unicorns isn’t going to seem like much of a read.

I’ve fallen into a new mood recently where NONE of the books I’ve tried reading suit my tastes. Pure fantasy? Too slow and PG. Romance? Too much cheese. Sci-fi? Too much deep thinking to fill in the galactic sized plot holes.

Those are my three favorite genres, so now I’m in a pickle. What the hell do I want to read!!!???

What are you reading? Can I borrow your book?

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Back to the grind

I’m back to work as of this Monday and its going alright. Feels nice to be productive & even better to feel well enough to consider productivity possible.

My blog has suffered while I’ve been unwell, and I’m sorry (mainly to my #1 supporter L.C.) I’m going to try and work on this more & hopefully attract a few more subscribers. Show me some love in the comments & maybe I’ll feel encouraged!!!

And without further ado here is your Word O’ Today:

Catlings – stringed instruments, referring to the time when strings were made from cat gut.

Not to be confused with Cattins which are felines of an age that is too young to be a cat yet too old to be behaving as badly as they are RIGHT NOW!

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New Writer’s Circle

As of yesterday September 1st, 2011 I am now a member of the CMU Writing Circle. I’ve been looking for a writer’s group in my area for quite some time, and until now there was only an undergraduate group available thru the local university.
Now however there is an open group that accepts community members and has a decently large number of graduate students & other older adults.

It felt like a great fit!

I will share with you one of the quick writing prompts we used to get the meeting started. Next circle we will actually begin work shopping pieces.

Poetry Prompt #2 Pick five words randomly from the dictionary. Write a stanza in which each word appears. (I chose to write a paragraph, since poetry isn’t really my thing.)

It was such an inopportune moment to realize I’d neglected to conserve my advance responsibly. The glow of the ATM on 3rd & Bank informed me nonchalantly that I was now totally penniless, & Mason’s men were wearing latex gloves that spoke of ill happenings should I not cough up the eight grand I owed my bookie.

Now – can you guess which 5 words were the random ones!?

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