Sometimes the “word of the day” leaves you feeling completely cold and uninspired.

For example, today’s word is “chitterie-chatterie” – a piece of bread eaten immediately after bathing.

Really? Who does that?

I can’t get all het up about a carbohydrate postlude.

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Frequently my blog may feature blurbs of my writing. I use 10 minute free-writes often as a tool to “prime the pump.”

Sometimes they are nonsensical, humourous, rambling, dark, whinny or full of song lyrics. Either way they get me off and writing.

Some of my other favorite writing exercises are “word of the day” prompts, and first sentences. Both can spark a quick story faster than trying to dig thru my brain for inspiration.

So todays word of the day is “postlude”: A concluding piece or movement played at the end of an oratorio or the like.

As a postlude to Craig’s bad day, Darcy has left a message tapped to the fridge.
“Gone out for milk and a new man. I found Kelly’s panties in your pocket. F*ck you!”
She’d used the last envelope to write her dear john, and now rent was going to be late. Sometimes Tuesday sucks.

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Hello world!

Well, we’ll see. For now here is this to ponder:

Freezer burnt chicken quarters, ketchup, a half eaten loaf of French bread and some stale beer looked like all the contents the fridge held that still resembled edible food. The science experiment in the back on the third shelf in the deep casserole pan appeared to be nearing the final stages of evolutionary development. I’m sure by Thursday that it will have overwhelmed the kitchen entirely and begun plotting its coup against my apartment. Not that I’d be able to tell a difference in general- the place was a wreck. Last weeks pizza boxes, this weeks Chinese food containers and two months worth of clutter and grime wouldn’t be any worse off with an evil tuna casserole takeover. Heck, the growth in the fridge had been so detailed and methodical that whatever spawn it became was almost certainly going to be better organized than I was. Maybe it would even be able to uncover the two table lamps that had gone missing sometime two or three days ago into the mess of my bedroom.

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