Cat Lasagna

I just made Cat Lasagna! Here’s How: Step one – strip all of the bedding off of your bed. Step two – begin to stretch the fitted sheet onto the mattress; at this point a cat will arrive to “assist” you. Their assistance can look pretty aggressive at this stage, but refrain from shooing your cat away as this is a critical moment in your lasagna construction! Step three – attempt to place the flat sheet over the fitted sheet while the cat is still arranging (mauling) the fitted sheet. This has created your first layer. Step four – Suddenly a second cat will appear and immediately begin to attempt rescue of their cat brethren under the flat sheet…don’t worry if this rescue looks more like an attempt to maim the first cat…the second one is just showing some “tough love.” Finally, secure the comforter onto the bed over the second cat. This creates the final layer! You have now made a Cat Lasagna – watch proudly as your bed wriggles and chuckle softly.

*Note* No cats were harmed in the making of this lasagna. If they didn’t want this to happen why would they re-enact the same thing every….single…time…I make the bed?!!!!

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