The long arm of the law…reaches for pastries!

Today’s word is more of a phrase really…

Make a long arm – to reach far, especially when trying to help oneself to food.
–J. C. Ruppenthal’s Word-list from Kansas, 1916

I made a long arm for the queso.

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Strange Experiment

I played a strange game with myself today!

As many know I have a chronic B-12 deficiency that occasionally makes me fumble my words a bit, often saying an entirely different word than the one I had intended to use!

Well today I wrote them all down in a list. Each time I fumbled a word & substituted the “wrong” word in the middle of a sentence I would add that “wrong” word to my word list.

This is the sentence made of those words in order of occurrence. I have not rearranged the words in order to create coherency.

“Winter not call June glory!”

I thought it was interesting…it *almost* tells of the eternal love/hate relationship between ice & fire.

I’m glad my own foibles can at least be amusing time to time!

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Plot Device

This has been making its way around the interwebs, but is one of THE funniest takes on Hollywood’s current lack of original material I have ever seen!

Plot Device

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