University of Iowa’s How Writers Write Fiction 2015

So thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in this years How Writer’s Write Fiction, a massively open online course from University of Iowa. I started the class in 2014 but got very ill right at the beginning of the course.

If you’re interested in joining the course too check out How Writer’s Write Fiction 2015.


Voices Bingo Fest Card

I’m trying a new technique to encourage me to write more. I’m going to participate in a writing prompt community that creates monthly themed Bingo Fests.

This month’s theme at is Voices and the point of this theme is to explore new styles and emotional overtones in your work. The suggested length is 200 words or less. This should help keep me moving through the prompts, since there’s no pressure to have a completed work, just a drabble investigating each new feeling.

If anyone wants to suggest a particular idea feel free to make suggestions in the comments. Prompts that have been spoken for by someone will be italicized and blue.

Filled prompts are bold and green.

This is my bingo card for the fest:

baffled brave exhausted welcoming sincere
angry encouraging haughty bored amiable
playful peaceful Just Wing It cynical lyrical
harsh sad sedate friendly desperate
mournful amused melancholy candid creepy
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