Lavender Fields Forever

This week I’ve been redecorating our apartment bathroom & while looking for inspiration for colors, art, etc. I’ve come across some of the most dreamy & inspiring visuals. These are lavendar fields!

As you look through – just imagine the SCENT! Sun dried grass, moist earth & the sweetly herbal lavendar fragrance thick on the air. Ahhhhhh…

Medieval Dreams

Royal Purple

Deep Wine & Golden Wheat

Blue Skies!

Lavendar Field in Provence, France

Pastoral Bliss!

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…another one bites the dust!

Due to the chaos of planning a wedding I was unable to blog.

That is all over!

I’m happily married now & about 1,000% less stressed.

Stay tuned – the words will be coming atcha!


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Mad Madam!

Today’s Word!

Mim – prudish, prim and discreetly silent, applied to women or contemptously to effeminate men, as in the phrase, “He’s as mim as a maiden.” Distinguished from mum by its primary use as a referance to sex.

My first thought is Mad Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone!

I could never be confused for a mim person!

Readers – give me a sentence using the word mim. Funnier the better!

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Dead Air

We’ve just experienced nearly a month of Dead Air!

I’m so sorry, but with my upcoming nuptials I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other endeavours.

Until I return with something more exciting please ponder this Word O’ the Day.

Nitty – abounding with nits, the eggs of a louse or other small insect.

Skin crawling yet? Mine sure is!

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