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Check out Ysabetwordsmith’s list of unsold poetry from her August Poetry Fishbowl. You’ve got poems ranging from sex/gender studies, to monsters that aren’t so monsterous, to super villains who are heroic in their own struggles. Awesome author writing interesting poems like you’ve never seen before! 

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Fill: Morning

This was inspired by a prompt from Silverfoxy709 and fills the “historical” and “telepathy” squares in my 1-1-17 card for the Dark Fantasy Bingo challenge. This made it to 246 words and despite how very short that is, it was unfortunately was a complete slog. I started writing on 1/26/17, and finally finished this today 1/31/17. I’ve no idea why it needed to feel so hard, but that’s writing sometimes I suppose.


“When are you now Babe?” came the wistful message into Terrie’s consciousness. Groggy wakefulness followed as he pried his sleep sweaty head from the moist hollow of his pillow. The room was dark and the air close and thick with the scent of tropical rain and growing things.
I gather my wits enough to send a response back, the communication seeming both harder now that I was conscious of it, and easier, as I could focus my talent on my lover Marv. Sending the telepathic answer six centuries into the future I replied, “I’m in Jamaica, 1490’s, with Columbus.”
“Serious?” I could feel how incredulous he was, the surprise evident in his mental tone and I smiled knowing it was only possible for me to sense the layers of meaning in his words because of his intense Empathy and my unique form of Telepathy. I would forever be grateful for the Pairing that had put me with Marv, allowing my time travel to be guarded closely by the man who loved me, allowing impossible communication between relative present and far flung past. Before Marv I’d always been acutely conscious of how very alone I was while on assignment, and at different times the pressure of living for an extended stretch within the past, in complete isolation from my own time, had become painfully isolating and honestly depressing as hell. Pairing with Marv had changed everything, in ways I’d never have considered, almost exclusively for the better.


Inspired roughly by ideas presented by Anne McCaffrey’s The Talents Universe. Which is entirely incredible and I encourage everyone to check it out. I might reread this myself now that its been brought back into my memory.

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