Killer bees. Trembling hotdog arms on skinny potato faced swine. A lover in a leisure suit, with a lopsided fedora.

***Censored Section***

Like diamond, it cut deeply. I felt the pain to the core of my being. An angry burn that spread from my heart thru my lungs and finally settled in the back of my brain. This is what betrayal felt like.

I hate mercopolis craters and dangerous defernous peaks. Evil is the mask that hides a beauty to true to behold. Behold, how thou art befuddled by my massive charms. Charming ladies buzzed about me busily battering eyelashes and strutting massive hips. Hip and cool and so under control. Control the rage and control the beast, I can’t control me so don’t try yourself. Yourself is a mistake. Mistaken identity leads to 2/3rds of all the extra marital affairs in a world where everyone is born a triplet.

I haven’t decided how PG my blog will remain, but for now I’ve censored out the really titillating bits. Sorry.

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I occasionally get a bug to image search certain topics – they never fail to ignite my imagination!

Here are several images from a search on “Tiny Chapels.” I find miniature churches fascinating!

The Chapel of St. Gildas

Jon Richards Chapel

Jon Richards Chapel

Trossachs Stone Chapel

Small Chapel on the Samtavro Church Grounds

I collected about 30 photos of cute tiny chapels…and they all tell a story in my head!

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