February Valentines Bingo Fest

January was a HUGE Success with 11 prompt fills and a Single Line Bingo! Thank you to EVERYONE who participated!

This is my prompt card for the February 2017 Valentines Bingo challenge at the AllBingo site. I combined romantic, heartbroken, platonic, and erotic prompts so there is a blend of ratings, from tame to spicy, for prompters to choose from!

I’m reaching out again this month to friends and family to make suggestions for any word or phrase on the bingo card below that strikes their fancy and I’ll write at least 200 words of story based on their suggestion combined with the prompt word they chose. Prompts that have been spoken for will be turned Golden so it will be easy for everyone to keep track of what words have already been spoken for, and I will have all requested fills done by the end of the Challenge which is 2/28/2017.

200 words may not end up being a complete story in and of itself, but I’m using this exercise as a way to increase my writing capacity, so I’m making sure to set reasonable goals that I’m likely to reach rather than crashing and burning right out the gate!

Some stories I’ve already started that might fit well with this theme if anyone is interested in reading more pieces set within those worlds are:

Foxfire Stables – Pony Play Erotic Novel (Not available publicly, but known prompters may privately request the first chapter!)
C. Herish Whip Master – BDSM Alternative Universe fiction/erotica
Catfish – A snippet about a crossdressing spy/sabotuer
Morning – Time traveling Terrie & his empathetic partner Marv
Someone To Care – We met Zakiya, and left her in a pretty dark place…

Lets have fun and make another Bingo!

Morning-after regrets Drunken rutting Spin the bottle Human Pet Villain Slowly Falls in Love with Hero
Carnal Massage Best Friends Forever Queerplatonic Demisexual Housework
Falling Asleep Victorian Era WILD CARD – Fantasy -Centaur Dancing Adultery
Kneeling I told you so The Friendzone Is My Safe Place A Girl and Her Horse Gossip
Secret Crush Oral sex Chasing bubbles blown by someone else Ace Hero Doesn’t Want the Girl Body Worship