March/April Play-It-Again Bingo

February was brutal, with a week long out of town work assignment, and then March came in like the proverbial Lion, with a week lost to the mega stomach bug o’ doom. First thing that went out the window with all of that on my shoulders? All of my good writing intentions!

So I’m going to ease back in to writing with the rest of March and all of April working towards a blackout of my own personal 3X3 bingo card made up of the February Valentines Bingo prompts people have already requested, and more writing in worlds I’ve already started stories within that I’m interested in revisiting again!

Please feel free to claim spaces from the Bingo Card below if you wish to give me more prompts or direction on any particular theme or “world”.

“Someone To Care” – Zakiya Love I Told You So Villain Slowly Falls in Love with Hero/Heroine
Ace Hero/Heroine Doesn’t Want The Guy Demisexual “C. Herish” – Body Worship
Fantasy Centaur Body Worship “Morning” – Terrie & Marv Victorian Era Cross Dressing

February Valentines Bingo Fest

January was a HUGE Success with 11 prompt fills and a Single Line Bingo! Thank you to EVERYONE who participated!

This is my prompt card for the February 2017 Valentines Bingo challenge at the AllBingo site. I combined romantic, heartbroken, platonic, and erotic prompts so there is a blend of ratings, from tame to spicy, for prompters to choose from!

I’m reaching out again this month to friends and family to make suggestions for any word or phrase on the bingo card below that strikes their fancy and I’ll write at least 200 words of story based on their suggestion combined with the prompt word they chose. Prompts that have been spoken for will be turned Golden so it will be easy for everyone to keep track of what words have already been spoken for, and I will have all requested fills done by the end of the Challenge which is 2/28/2017.

200 words may not end up being a complete story in and of itself, but I’m using this exercise as a way to increase my writing capacity, so I’m making sure to set reasonable goals that I’m likely to reach rather than crashing and burning right out the gate!

Some stories I’ve already started that might fit well with this theme if anyone is interested in reading more pieces set within those worlds are:

Foxfire Stables – Pony Play Erotic Novel (Not available publicly, but known prompters may privately request the first chapter!)
C. Herish Whip Master – BDSM Alternative Universe fiction/erotica
Catfish – A snippet about a crossdressing spy/sabotuer
Morning – Time traveling Terrie & his empathetic partner Marv
Someone To Care – We met Zakiya, and left her in a pretty dark place…

Lets have fun and make another Bingo!

Morning-after regrets Drunken rutting Spin the bottle Human Pet Villain Slowly Falls in Love with Hero
Carnal Massage Best Friends Forever Queerplatonic Demisexual Housework
Falling Asleep Victorian Era WILD CARD – Fantasy -Centaur Dancing Adultery
Kneeling I told you so The Friendzone Is My Safe Place A Girl and Her Horse Gossip
Secret Crush Oral sex Chasing bubbles blown by someone else Ace Hero Doesn’t Want the Girl Body Worship

Fill: In Passing

This was inspired by a prompt from craserit83 and fills the “spirit” square in my 1-1-17 card for the Dark Fantasy Bingo challenge. This made it to 366 words and feels reasonably complete.

In Passing

Forgotten in the hallowed halls, forgotten in the cathedral forest, forgotten among their markers of stone. The spirits may all be forgotten, but they’re the ones who haven’t yet received the full pleasure of forgetfulness.

The dreary parchment colored spirit of a Victorian housewife remembers how it was her husband’s fist that put her in the family’s mausoleum, another spirit on the corner of 4th & Ewing was done in by a reckless taxi. The forest is full of hunting accidents, or what’s been made to look like accidents. Easy enough to take Mr. Wellerby’s land if he’s not alive to protest and you appear convincingly bereaved to his family during the services. The endless rows of soldiers’ cemeteries laid out so neat and crisp, like war never is, hold weeping spirits, angry spirits, and those that are simply heart achingly confused.

I wander here and there through life observing my own soul wear thin, translucent, offering bits and pieces to spirits I encounter who are finally ready to take the next step forward. Releasing them from their remembrance of themselves, the horrible death, or merely tragic one, that keeps them chained in place. People say “Don’t let your fears hold you back.” I feel it’s good advice; more ghosts should listen. But they’re all alike in that one regard, all afraid. Of what comes after most often and I have little guidance there, I’m still mostly alive, or of being forgotten. And I can never bring myself to be cruel and tell them bluntly, “Too late. The world’s moved on now. Forgetting is what you need to do.”

The work will ensure I leave no forgotten spirit behind, and that’s a source of comfort. I know the torment of lingering. I’m soon for it as well, based on the way my soul aches with each new gift I share in passing. I’m excited to see what’s beyond. The closest I’ve come was the one and only time I held a new born baby and deep inside, where her soul was growing, I felt part of the truth. I felt memories from half-remembered spirits I was sure I’d met before, long ago, on some forgotten day.

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Fill: Light-Red Science

This fill was inspired by a prompt from thnidu and fills the “alternate reality/universe” square in my 1-1-17 card for the Dark Fantasy Bingo challenge. They requested a piece set in ysabetwordsmith‘s shared world Schrodinger’s Heroes, and here is the tale I’ve come up with. This will likely not make much sense without reading at least a little bit of that series, so feel free to head over to her site and familiarize yourself with the characters.

This is mostly ridiculous, with an awful attempt at an inside joke, but at 433 words it more than doubled the mark I was aiming for and I’m counting it a win!

Light-Red Science

It had been an unusual dimension where time had moved much slower and left the Alter!Heroes in a relative dark age. There had been a quintessential creepy castle back-lit by lightning and the roar of thunder for farks sake. They’d found Alter!Alex playing mad scientist a la Dr. Frankenstein in the dungeonous basement, and Alter!Quinn, who owned the cheery piece of real estate, was the real life version of Count Dracula; land, court title, fangs, and all.

It was the race through treacherously dark woods on a clichéd stormy night, chased by an angry mob of villagers with their ubiquitous pitchforks, that firmly sealed the door on ever visiting that alternate reality again, but as the group tumbled back into their own dimension the scream that tore the air informed them they hadn’t made it home alone.

Apparently the full spectrum light bulbs that had been used to upgrade the compound were great for scientists prone to spending much of their time indoors, but really quite disastrous for vampires. Alter!Quinn had been exposed for perhaps three, maybe three and a half, seconds but it was enough to leave all of his face and the tops of both hands a startling light-red as if he’d been sunbathing in the Waxahachie sun without protection. The burns were most severe across his nose, likely to blister and peel even with treatment, and the overall hue clashed horrendously with his hair colored crimson and coal.

Kay rushed towards her med kit, while Bailey hit the lights, and the rest worked to steer the vampire towards a soft place to land for the moment.

“Ah, shit,” said Kay, “My burn salve is Silver Cream, which would be overkill for this use on any of us, but on him? Is silver bad for you? That’s a common myt-, uh belief, about vampires in our universe.”

“Unless poisoning me on top of scalding my skin with your magic torches is the goal I wouldn’t recommend that potion,” he replied tartly.

“How about herbal remedies?” prompted Ash.

“Many are fine, just no garlic, please,” begged Alter!Quinn.

“We can always try aloe gel, or even perhaps an infusion made with yarrow,” Ash suggested the well known sunburn cure and one she remembered from summers with her Navajo relatives.

So the team set about moving their newest stray into safe quarters, the lights dimmed all along the way, while Kay & Ash worked on developing a vampire friendly sunburn cure, and they just barely overheard their own Quinn’s quip that the particular shade of rouge his counterpart was sporting wasn’t really his color.


The idea of all of Quinn’s fun hair colors really appealed to me, so here is his Crimson & Coal hair! I also liked the fanon based on him being a vampire because of the t-shirt reading “The sun is trying to kill me.”

The reference to Yarrow as a Navajo remedy for sunburn comes from Healing with plants in the American and Mexican West by M. Kay.

Silver Cream is awesome for burns. It was always on stock in the first aid kits when I worked in restaurants.

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Voices Bingo Fest Card

I’m trying a new technique to encourage me to write more. I’m going to participate in a writing prompt community that creates monthly themed Bingo Fests.

This month’s theme at is Voices and the point of this theme is to explore new styles and emotional overtones in your work. The suggested length is 200 words or less. This should help keep me moving through the prompts, since there’s no pressure to have a completed work, just a drabble investigating each new feeling.

If anyone wants to suggest a particular idea feel free to make suggestions in the comments. Prompts that have been spoken for by someone will be italicized and blue.

Filled prompts are bold and green.

This is my bingo card for the fest:

baffled brave exhausted welcoming sincere
angry encouraging haughty bored amiable
playful peaceful Just Wing It cynical lyrical
harsh sad sedate friendly desperate
mournful amused melancholy candid creepy
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