Spring Ephemerals 2017 & Garden Adventures

I took a walk around my apartment community after working on the garden this weekend, and some of the Spring Ephemeral flowers were up a bit early! My apartment community was built on an old farmstead, and in the border between the community and the other apartments next door is a narrow strip of old fencerow. Its only 10 – 20 feet across in most places, but it still whispers woodland to itself and is home to many Michigan wildflowers and several interesting feral plants that have continued growing long since the humans who planted them stopped tending them. These feral plants include: 2 apple trees, a pear tree, a sweet cherry tree, strawberry patches, black raspberries, raspberries, and various flowers such as: lily of the valley, daffodils, tulips, poppies, tiger lilies, periwinkle, and many more.

Here are some of the early bloomers I saw this weekend:


A surprising carpet of Blood Wort blooming in the underbrush. At the very bottom of the picture you can see the distinctive leaves of Trout Lilies, but there weren’t any flowers yet.


Blood Wort closeup


Spring Beauty was also carpeting the area.


Spring Beauty closeup


Vinca Minor in bloom – better known as Periwinkle!


The Cherry Tree is in bud!


Found this vine that had grown over a tree stump and looked creepily alive!


I have lived in my current apartment for 6 years, and I planted these daffodils right away. This is the FIRST YEAR they’ve ever bloomed!! YAY!


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