Fill: Creatures made of Water to the Ocean must Return

This fill was inspired by a song prompt from Dreamwidth user Callibr8 and fills the “forgotten” square in my 1-1-17 card for the Dark Fantasy Bingo challenge. 354 words – I’m not really sure what this qualifies as, but I’m kinda digging it, and really enjoyed the writing.

Here is a link to the song with lyrics from Callibr8’s prompt, “Erased” by Vixy & Tony.

Creatures made of Water to the Ocean must Return 

I left her there beside the sea furiously weeping. I donned back on my selkie coat that she’d kept hidden away from me. Diving deep into the cold blue heart of the ocean who’d been calling. Singing to me a song of home and relentless aching longing.

In the sea I couldn’t tell how she stirred the sky to thunder. How her magic called a maelstrom designed to tow me too far under. In her agony and pain she meant to deal me more the same. For daring to forget her she’d attempt to tear my life asunder.

We’d been tumultuous lovers, meeting in a summer meadow. Where I’d come ashore to walk awhile and reconnect with human fellows. She’d been a maid studying magic’s ways and never meant for a man to know. And the tryst meant to last only a season somehow became her life’s singular reason.

So soon I longed to leave her, though I’d never meant to deceive her. She’d known my nature from early on, but couldn’t bare the fate of being gone. From my memory she’d be erased, when the ocean I re-embraced. So she stole my soul and trapped me in that place.

Our love turned sour, more so every hour. And I searched the sea shore night and day. Once each rock and crevice, cave and cliff, I had finally scoured. Then she finally, in a fit of rage, threw my selkie coat out onto the harbor.

So now I swim in a relentless dim, trying to escape her love sick sadness. Her name I have forgotten, but her sobbing wails they are still haunting. My home coming with the sea usually meant to me such personal gladness. Has now become a tomb as I drown beneath the waves she’s stirred into a whirl with her madness.

Far better it had been, had I come ashore and then, having seen the beautiful maiden on the field. If I had turned and ran away, clutching my skin as though a shield. And never would I have pretended to feel. True love between a woman and a seal.


This seemed to just flow right out kind of dreamy and slow, and I apologize if its a complete mess. I really enjoyed the act of writing it though, so I chose to just leave it the way it came about.

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