Fill: Someone To Care

This fill was inspired by a prompt from shadowdancer1079 and fills the “blood” square in my 1-1-17 card for the Dark Fantasy Bingo challenge. We made it to 316 words – hope you enjoy it prompter!

This is for a Dark Fantasy challenge, and we’re beginning in a pretty grim place. Rough waters ahead!

Someone To Care

Zakiya cared. She cared about the other human girls who cried themselves to sleep at night after their Masters finished feeding, and she cared about the dead eyed boys who sat and rocked side to side, unable to escape the thrall created by the feeding. But she especially cared that no one here discover how much she differed from the other bloodstock. How she secretly longed to be chosen each night, how much she craved the thrall, and the sweet pain of the vampire’s bite.

The vampires of this nest didn’t particularly pay attention to their submissives as they fed from them upon rising each night, so she felt safe with her secret so far. She assumed they were still located somewhere in the outskirts of old Milwaukee, as the drive in the van had only seemed to take twenty or thirty minutes after she’d been snatched. She knew Claris and Kevin, they’d been out with her at the Darklight Club the night they were all captured, but she hadn’t been here long enough to learn about any of the other five people who shared the space with her. The blood cellar was down in the basement of what appeared to be a rather nice residential home, probably converted following the Ascension into a lair, and each small pen was made of mesh and pine two by fours, very effectively keeping each human trapped in their own little cell.

Zakiya carefully ran her fingers down the bloody gouges on her neck left from the last vampires careless feeding, wistfully regretting the decision to head into the inner city that night, searching for something she knew she’d never find now; a Dominant Vampire who’d claim her, making her submission count for more than just the forced surrender of humanity to a superior evolution. Someone else to care that she was different, someone to value her awful secret.


What I know about this world so far is sketchy, and subject to some rearrangement as I research further:

Vampires require human blood as sustenance, between half a cup to a pint, each night right upon waking. While Vampires can only breed among themselves many find humans sexually appealing as well, so to govern these interactions the Laws of the Ascension only allow sexual relations between Vampires and humans if the Vampire is clearly the dominant partner in the exchange, leading to a common culture of BDSM fetishism.

Since the Ascension of Vampires in 1963 most nests, consisting of 2-12 Vampires each, simply take willing human blood donors as their submissives each night, either frequenting Darklight Clubs to meet willing people, or creating a rotating harem of sorts from interested humans.

In some rare cases Vampires form genuine relationships with the humans providing them sustenance and sexual gratification, referred to as Claimings.

Even more rarely some nests choose to abduct humans and use them like livestock, keeping hidden blood cellars, that are technically illegal under the Laws of the Ascension.

Prompt assisted by this beautiful illustration by Victoria Frances, this is hopefully where Zakiya’s story is headed – a happily ever after, after all the pain. zakiya-love

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  1. So great! Write more to this story. Please!

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