Life’s Gifts

Last weeks writing prompt led somewhere interesting. The prompt was from my newest deck of cards – StoryWorld Fairy Magic and was The Dancing Spell Card. The question from the back of the card that I utilized was, “why is one person not dancing?” I quite like the direction this prompt took me.

The gift and curse of being a Giver is that I’m immune to the power of any Gifts. If the Gift of Dance falls over a crowd, I’m struck with paralysis until the dancing spell is over. A Gift of Lust? Leaves me flaccid and bored until the revelry ends. And worst of all my own Gift can never grace me. I’ll never know the hidden smiles, the racing heart, the heady joy, or even the bitter tears that come with the Gift of Love.

A Giver’s Gift is there to enhance the lives of the whole world, but the lives of the Givers themselves? No. And it’s no wonder no one ever suspects us living among them. Who would look at the grizzled and cantankerous old man in the corner, the one who cannot dance or laugh or sing or become smitten with love, and think he was one of the Fae responsible for all of life’s joys and pleasures? No one.

It’s a hard life being such a Giver.

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