A recent Writing Prompt from my deck of StoryWorld cards; The Queen, utilizing the prompt from the back of the card “What does she write in her book?”

For anyone not already used to the way I post these prompts – I upload exactly what I wrote while the timer was running and the only editing I’ve done was to fix obvious spelling and grammatical errors.

++ The tarot of the day had disturbed her greatly. Dutifully she wrote the spread into the Royal Book of Divination as she’s always done – a quick sketch of the images that had appeared before her while deep in trance after the reading, and a notation of the cards she’d pulled from her deck. A brutal killing had played out in her vision, a minor noble from the countries Northern border was brought down by heavy boulders pushed from the peak of the mountain by men with the heads of goats and who hissed like snakes when they spoke. The same noble’s only child, a spinster daughter, was then drugged and forced onto the marriage bed by the goat men with a pretty youth who smelled of death. Finally she had seen her own daughter, barely into womanhood, seduced by the goats and taken years too young by another beautiful man who reeked of rot and decay.

++ She penned all of these sights into the divination grimoire, and wept carefully, keeping all tear drops far away from the countries most precious book.

++ Finishing hurriedly, she flipped back three weeks in the grimoire, to the vision she’d had upon suddenly waking from sleep in the dead of the night and felt driven to record in the Royal Book of Divination, despite the vision coming to her unprompted. It too had disturbed her with its imagery of unrelenting slaughter followed by joyous celebration. Now it gave her an immense hope.

++ The sketch showed the heart theme of the vision; a giant pile of mutilated goats, their tongues lolling out of dead mouths, each one the head of a viper with poisoned fangs. The scent of death had hung heavy in the air above a second pile of pretty young men with their genitals torn off. And between the piles of ravaged bodies was a woman. Covered in the blood of these enemies she held a Book of Death Spells before her and a Staff of Life behind her. She herself was terrifyingly built, with the wings of a vulture and the triple face of the goddess of birth, life, and death, and about her hung an aura of righteous vengeance.

++ Shaela, the Witch Queen of __________, now knew that this fierce figure would be the Protectress that stood between her land and the desecration that would soon begin.

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