Don’t overstay; it’s a finite welcome you have there

Another Writing Prompt from my deck of StoryWorld cards; The River, utilizing “Who lives in the little house?”

The River

++ Death has a house on the River. It’s small and quaint and you can visit there only once in this lifetime. Death has a house on the River. It’s set between trees and meadows, and you cannot return once you’ve seen it.

++ Death’s house on the River is at the very end of the line. Before time rushes away in a free fall through space you may rest there. Rest long enough and Death may choose to show you one of the houses’ secrets, but more likely he’ll show you the door and politely suggest you take a jump back into the River to let your journey finish.

++ Death’s small quaint house on this ever flowing River is full of strange and beautiful mementos. Not objects, like chairs or stoves, but rather bottles of glass in every size and whimsical shape. Contained in each the most beloved memory and most appalling horror of each guest who’s made the stop at Death’s house before sliding back into the River and onward to new times and spaces.

++ Death’s house, set between trees and meadows, welcomes you and he is the most gracious of hosts. He remembers every one of his wayward visitors and holds steady your truths for all time inside these little mementos. Bizarre ornaments of glass; they are the whole history of Death and his lonely house on the edge of the River.

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  1. Very nice, Brandy!

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