This weeks Writing Prompt was a card from my deck of StoryWorld cards. The card pulled was The Door to Faeryland, and the question from the back I utilized was “Where does the door lead you?”

I’m not sure about this one…

++ Vine covered and sunk deep in the side of a Sudden Hill, the door appears. The gateway to Elsewhere he’s been questing for night into night. 3,000 endless nights, the sun appearing only along the rim of the world for short passes then sulking away for long months without end. 3,000 nights on the wrong side of the door to Faery and finding it here, a Sudden Hill in the flat barrens of despair, he hardly believes his eyes. They’ve lied to him many nights before, and everything on this side of Elsewhere was an illusion covering deceit piled over bones and waste.

++ When as a young man he first crossed into Faery he had believed he’d find light and plenty. But on this side of the Door the sun had been banished. Night along with endless Hunger ruled throughout, and all of Faery had gone dark. In 3,000 nights of wandering he had yet to meet another who wasn’t just a whispering shade. No food, no castles remained, all was vast blank despair, except the Sudden Hills.

++ Inside each he’d found the dead faces and abandoned luxury of long forgotten Fae. Their bodies wasted, they remained unmoving and immovable. Only a spare few had breath and a slow lagging pulse. None responded to his presence, and two had perished as he watched. Flesh and soul evaporated revealing the red boned skeleton inside their lavish garments.

++ Looking upon the Door that would return him to his Elsewhere, to the Earth of sun and everyday living, he hesitated. Could he leave them, a whole vast world of dying dreams, to succumb to Night, Hunger and the despair of the Forgotten? 3,000 nights in Faery and could he spend just one more if it meant being their only hope in hundreds of centuries of a Hopebringer; a believer?

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  1. Intriguing. You left me wondering whether he goes through the door or not. It will be tickling at the back of my mind for days.

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