Hope Vibrates

During last week’s Kaya Writing Time I utilized the following prompt: Create a story based on this personification: hope vibrates.

Here is my 10 minute timed result. I’ve done no editing except spell checking, so you are getting the raw unadulterated ideas that spewed forth in that moment.

++ Hope vibrates through my bones. It’s not entirely welcome, as anyone who has faced a hopeless situation knows; it only hurts when it’s squashed by reality. But it fills my fingers and toes anyway. Tingling along my spine and buzzing in my brain.

++ I’d thought I’d lost the ability to hope, and honestly it had made everything easier. Not better, there wasn’t really anything that could get better about my situation. But easier in a numbed out quiet way. Now hope was back, and I was going to get hurt.

++ It came in the form of a startling crackle through the ships intercom. A static where for months there had only been dead silence through the open PA system. I’d been alone in my cell bunker long enough that I’d begun to believe everyone else traveling in this ship was already dead. No way to tell time except the sporadic automated meals that appeared in my wall cache. I’d guessed two or three months had passed, and I’d heard nothing through the open intercom.

++ Now there was a snap and static. Someone (something?) had activated the mic and hope vibrated through me as I waited for them to speak.

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