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More great conversations happening over at BigAl’s Books & Pals!

Came across this blog on the differentiation of the Romance genre & Chick-Lit.

I openly admit to liking both, but prefer romance with a heavy bent towards the supernatural romance subcategory. More often than not there are great fantasy novels with a love story cleverly woven in.

Check out the discussion & make sure to stick with it until you get to Donna’s comment about romance genre statistics. They were a real eye opener!

The next time I go into the used book store and get the Stink Eye because I purchased a book from the romance section rather than the mystery, sci-fi/fantasy or some other more appropriate section I’ll be prepared to defend my preferences with some hard data!

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  1. Interesting stuff. I don’t really read either genre much myself, but it’s cool to know the difference between the two.

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