Hello I love you wont you tell me which way we can go to find a bag of potato chilling grains? Hello, I love you, please answer the phone sweetheart. Can we please stop all the pain, take a day from the pouring rain of our hearts bleeding out onto the floor. Our souls are sore and bare, worn thin and held together by shaky prayers. Please stop the constant struggle to get through a day in agony without you. I need you here by my side I’m tired of this hide and seek relationship. I just want to trust that You’ll be here with me, near to me. Stop locking yourself away, untouchable, a man in a box. Your own lonely prison, a glass room with no air to breathe. Aren’t you drowning in your tears? Chilling silenced by your fears. I need you in my dreams, it seems we’ve wasted all these years. Please stop the pain.

“Angela? Annngela? Are you coming down now? We want to go to the café. I could bring you something back if you aren’t ready to go. But we’re going now. Angela?” She looked at her husband with worried eyes.
“I don’t know why she doesn’t respond, that’s not like her. Steven, would you mind? Just go up and? Yeah, we’ll wait in the car for you.” She said. They left the foyer and headed out onto the porch. Steven headed towards the staircase and worked his way up the oak steps with his hand sliding on the bannister. When he reached his neice’s room he knocked softly.
“Angela sweetheart? Honey we’ve been asking for you downstairs. Could you open up please? Angela? This isn’t funny, why aren’t you answering me?” Steven called through the door. Putting his hand on the knob he gently twisted. The door wouldn’t open, the lock keeping the distance. Angrily he called thru the wood.
“Angie, what the hell is going on in there. Unlock this door. We haven’t heard from you all day. You weren’t down at breakfast, now I want to know what is going on.”
Listening carefully at the door, Steven heard nothing from within the girls room. Breathing deep he stepped back and prepared to shove his shoulder into the obstacle, intending to break thru the door, panic nibling at the back of his neck as he considered the possibilities on the other side.

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