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10 Minute Free Write…keep on till the end – I think that there is a bit at the bottom actually worth the time and effort.

I took a look down the road towards the rook’s nest. The hens were all laying eggs this time of year, and the roosters were keeping a keen eye about for anything they felt seemed suspicious. No one in the dell really thought much about the rookery, but I enjoyed a slow sort of morning walk their most days, and so I noticed immediately all the ruckus being kicked up by the birds this sunny summer morning as the wind lightly tossed my hair. And the first thought of the day that I could remember would haunt me the rest of my life- maybe the rooks had heard of the body found under Mr. Edelstein’s porch this past Sunday. I wish now I didn’t know just how much the rooks had heard, or how little they cared about the human ideal of humanity towards all.

Igloos igloos, tooka igloo tooka. And all around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel. Seriously, do weasels and monkeys even live in the same area of the world? I’ve never heard of no jungle weasels. What kind of weasel would that even be huh? They’re not going to go swinging on vines. Where do weasels and ferrets and things come from? They seem common enough, but you never hear of wild or indigenous ferret populations. Are they South American? I dunno.

Ely? Why don’t you run over to Chester’s and ask his mum for a bowl of cream? I haven’t enough to finish up my custard tarts and they’ll be wanting to set soon.

In the long ago intriguing past, people lead these haphazard sorts of journeys we quaintly refer to as “lives.” “Having a life” as it was referred to then, was often times a slang term for free time wasted on individual or social pursuits. These “lives” lead so many astray from their families and the Work Force that educated statesmen smartly banned them and instituted the 24/7 Labor Provider society we are currently fortunate enough to enjoy. We owe our thanks and gratitude to those

HAH! Time!

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