Cancelled on account of Zots

Your regularly scheduled word of the day and other such inanity cancelled due to a bad case of the Dizzy Nauseous Zots.

If you’ve never had the zots, lucky you. They are an electrical malfunction of the brain caused be ceasing a powerful mood altering drug or hormone treatment that sounds & feels like “zot zot” in your ear canal/entire brain. As I’m currently quitting both an anti-depressant and a hormone regimen, the Zots have claimed a victory over my day. I will now lie about my bedroom and whine childishly to my fiance about how everything is spinning, the zots are nauseating, and things are bound to end badly between us as a result of my many and varied medical ailments.

Excuse me now as I weeble wobble feebly towards the bathroom to pay homage to the porcelain god…

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