Frequently my blog may feature blurbs of my writing. I use 10 minute free-writes often as a tool to “prime the pump.”

Sometimes they are nonsensical, humourous, rambling, dark, whinny or full of song lyrics. Either way they get me off and writing.

Some of my other favorite writing exercises are “word of the day” prompts, and first sentences. Both can spark a quick story faster than trying to dig thru my brain for inspiration.

So todays word of the day is “postlude”: A concluding piece or movement played at the end of an oratorio or the like.

As a postlude to Craig’s bad day, Darcy has left a message tapped to the fridge.
“Gone out for milk and a new man. I found Kelly’s panties in your pocket. F*ck you!”
She’d used the last envelope to write her dear john, and now rent was going to be late. Sometimes Tuesday sucks.

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  1. Ha! How typically you of you to find the sexuality in a word like postlude.

  2. Well…I suppose I must be true to my own nature! 😉

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